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Ingla Design offers sites for every purpose at an amazingly low cost. You can have your site up and running quickly, easily and cheaply. Just follow the links to learn all about our fast, low cost Web designs.

Business Sites

What are you waiting for?  Everybody is on the Web! Have you always wanted a Web site? Did it just seem too complicated....too expensive?  Now, it's not. With Ingla Design, it's easy and cheap!
  • Let people know you're there!
  • Help your audience find you.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Create an image.
  • Project solidity and reliability.
  • Build confidence by telling people who you are.
  • Make it easy for people to do business with you.
  • Let customers contact you with just a click.
  • Have your customers recommend you to their friends.
  • Sell online with an e-commerce Website
  • The possibilities are unlimited!

Set up your small business Website with our cheap website templates or order a look of your own. We specialize in low cost website design.

Personal Sites

Run your own site where you control everything! You can add features like Chat, video chat ... you name it! Express yourself and have your friends come to you.

Blogs and Wikis

Always wanted to get your opinions out there? Here's your chance! You're in control of content and feedback.


Your group, club, organization or just your friends can share information, opinions, advice ... whatever you like.

Family Sites

Great for families or other groups who live in different areas. You can set up photo albums, chat, video chat, bulletin boards ...the works! Let everybody get together online, leave notices ... the possibilities are endless.

How do you start?

Check out our style templates for cheap, fast beautiful Websites and pick the look you like. Then contact us to give us the details of what you're looking for.