Terms of Service

We try to keep everything as casual and easy as possible. However, we have created these Terms & Conditions from experience, to protect both Ingla Design and our clients from misunderstandings.

The Process:

The initial contact is usually made via e-mail.

From that point on, we need all communications to be backed up by email for both of our records.

During this intial give and take, we can both determine whether we are the right kind of web designer/developer for you. This shows your intent to invesitgate our services and our ability to provide what you're looking for.

Once we understand what your needs are and what kind of site you want, we show our intent to provide reputable web design services, in good faith, by creating and posting to the Internet a custom "Mockup Website" (No Cost or Obligation) for the potential client to view.

The next step is a series of emails between both parties trying to see if the "project/web package/price" is agreeable to both of them.

At this point we both have a "recordable e-mail paper trail" of intent by both parties. Both sides have a record of what was discussed, what services have been requested, what prices were quoted, etc.


Once you give Ingla Design the e-mail go ahead to proceed with the website project a deposit is required.

The deposit is 50% and is, in itself, the confirmation by you that you have agreed to the website project and all that it entails, as described in the previous e-mails, and the price.

Once the deposit is received we then proceed with the project and most projects are completed within the anticipated time of completion. However, on rare occasions due to circumstances unforeseeable to the client or Ingla Design, delays can occur. Examples might be when the client fails to provide all of the needed content in a timely manner or, we fail to meet the anticipated deadline due to illness, technical difficulties, etc. These things can happen and common sense should prevail.


Completion of the website is defined as all pages and functions stipulated by the client via e-mail are created and posted to the Internet (this would include the hosting, domain name, a basic email account, only if ordered). The complete content does not have to appear within each webpage for it to be considered complete. The reason for this provision is that it is not uncommon for clients to delay getting the page content to us. This doesn't mean we haven't done our work as agreed.


Often a client with good intentions will delay in getting all of the content to Ingla Design. It is for this reason that, if the project has been completed as defined in the previous paragraph, the balance is due immediately. This however, does not end the relationship between us. What happens if, for whatever reason, you are unable to provide all of the content during the initial web design process? There is no problem as Ingla Design will provide free updates of site content (for pages already created and posted) for one year from the day of the actual posting of the website. So there is no pressure on the client. (A delay in providing content cannot be used as an excuse to delay making the final payment). Failure to pay for the completed project will result in loss of deposit and suspension of website up to 30 days. Upon the completion of the 30 day suspension the website and hosting account will be terminated. No refund will be provided.

Remember: In all instances, content is the responsibility of the client. Images, text, etc. Content is the text (what is says on your pages), pictures, logos and the like. It is your responsibility to get this information to Ingla Design via email in a prompt manner.


Occasionally, we get someone who starts a project and then for personal reasons chooses to back out. Not as a result of lack of performance on our part but merely a change of mind.

Because we have accepted the deposit, started, and in many cases finished the job, the client at that point cannot expect us to return the deposit merely because of a personal situation or financial difficulty, and simply not charge for work done. This is the purpose of the deposit. To ensure that we get paid for the work we have done. It's a good faith process that the client is confident that we will perform. However, once we have done the work, we will not refund the deposit.

It is our intention to be fair in our practices and we expect our clients to be fair with us in return.

Changes and Additional Services:

Example: The client agrees to a price for particular services and features. Then as the project is started, the client says "I also need the site to have this extra feature". Unfortunately, that extra feature was not discussed and the original price was agreed on based on a site without that extra feature. Then the client says "I thought that was included".

Obviously, we cannot add work which costs money without charging for it.

If you do want an extra feature, a fee will be added for that feature and you can elect to have it done or not. Our fees are below industry rates already and we simply cannot afford to give away services.

Types of sites:

Ingla Design does not work on adult sites. We reserve the right to turn away sites featuring explicit sexual content, hate-espousing material or sites that contain illegal content of any kind, or content that violates our moral values.

Use of Designs:

Ingla Design may freely use images of and/or links to any site we have designed for inclusion in our Portfolio.