About Us...

We've been in business on the Web for about ten years.

Actually, we were in a different business. We still are, but that operation has been fully automated. In the process of building our company's Web presence, we encountered no end of problems with the process. Designers and programmers charged high rates...more than we thought we should invest in a beginning Web business. So we started finding and implementing the solutions by ourselves until...HERE WE ARE! We can do it without them.

So now we're building sites for other people who are in the same position we were...folks who need a web site, but are just starting out and don't want to (or can't) invest a small fortune before they even launch their project. A Web business takes enough time to build and the money will be needed for advertising, search engine placement and all the rest. If that sounds like you, you've come to the right place. Just check out our pricing.

There's more! Business isn't our only business. Maybe you want to start a blog or a wiki. How about a personal site or a family site, complete with photo sharing, chat, video chat ... you name it.

Here's your chance. The time is now! Check out what we can do for you.